Physikalisches Kolloquium: Dr. Andreas Dorsel (Zeiss SMT, Oberkochen)

“ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology“ ...where Science meets Industry...

13.11.2018 ab 16:15

Leibnizstr. 13, 24118 Kiel, Hans-Geiger Hörsaal


The advent of Micorelectronics, ubiquitous in all areas of life today, has often been referred to as the third industrial revolution. Semiconductor manufacturing technologies are key in enabling this dramatic development. This talk will try to point to answers questions like

  • Which technologies are key?
  • What are the drivers for these technologies?
  • What are limitations resulting from the laws of physics?
  • What has been achieved and what is considered achievable?
  • What is different when comparing science and academia vs. development and in- dustry


Vortrag mitveranstaltet von der Fachschaft Physik & jDPG, Regionalgruppe Kiel

Gastgebern: Prof. Duschl

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