Laser Safety


Laser Safety Administrator

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Block
Phone: 3862
Room: LS19-205

The job of the laser safety administrator is to support the employees and students at the institute in all questions related to laser safety,  other potentially dangerous artificial light sources and their safety regulations (e.g. OStrV). It is the aim to provide the necessary knowhow for a safe working environment.

This page gives some information and links about the above mentioned themes, but of course you are welcome to consult me or the safety engineer of the university, Martina Hefner ( phone 1950) and her homepage for additional information.

Laser Safety Instructions

Once you start to work at the IEAP it is mandatory to take part in a laser safety instruction. Even if you are not planning to work with lasers or in a laboratory you have to listen to this instruction once. The instructions are typically offered at every first Wednesday of a month at 1:00 pm. Please send an email to the laser safety administrator if you plan to attend the next instruction. The laser safety instruction requires about 45 min of your time. For further details or questions please contact the laser safety adminstrator.

Next laser safety instructions are offered on:

  • July 4th at 12:15 pm in room LS19-205.
  • There are no instructions in August!
  • September 5th at 1 pm in room LS19-205
  • October 10th at 1pm in room LS19-214 (Videoseminarraum).
  • November 7th at 1pm in room LS19-205
  • December 5th at 1pm in room LS19-205