Safety Administrators


Franko Greiner , Email,  Phone 3821, room LS17-39, first floor

Markus Gruyters , Email, Phone 3865, room LS19-519, fifth floor

The job of the safety officer is to support the employees and students of the institute in all questions related to job safety, safety regulations of  the lab, fire safety, and handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

Our understanding of this job is, that  it is a service which helps the people working  in the institute to enhance job safety. 

This page gives some informations and links about the above mentioned themes.

You are welcome to consult us. In addition, consult the safety engineers of the university, Martina Hefner (Email, phone 1950) and Hermann Pitulle (Email, phone 1550). More informations can be found on their homepage .
Informations are also available one pages of the  Technisches Bau- und Gebäudemanagement.