Research Interest

I have worked on several topics of plasma physics so far. A special focus has always been on the development of advanced diagnostics to study structure formation and transport processes. This starts with impedance probes for absolute electron density measurements in the lower ionosphere, continued with spatio-temporally resolved measurements of drift wave turbulence and techniques to control and suppress turbulence and transport and has concentrated in the last years on laser manipulation of complex plasmas. Digital holography, optical tweezers, and advanced Mie scattering diagnostics are tools which are currently used in my group to investigate structure and dynamics of finite plasma crystals and binary mixtures. Please find below a short description of each research area and some related/recent publications. Thank you for your interest in my research!

Complex Plasmas - a laboratory for strong correlations

Complex plasmas are plasmas which besides electrons and ions contain highly charged micro-particles. The charging is a result of the electron and ion currents to the particle surface. As a consequence of the high charge the particles arrange in regular patterns and can form so called plasma crystals. Thus, these complex plasmas are a strongly coupled system, i.e. the thermal energy of the particles is much less than their interaction energy. My group performs experiments and MD-simulations in the field of complex plasmas since 2002. Some of my personal research highlights as well as current research topic are listed below. The papers listed right below are tutorials I have contributed to and which might help to get an overview.