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Video - STM

Interfaces between solid metals and liquid electrolyte solutions play a central role in electrochemical processes, ranging from corrosion to galvanic deposition and electrode reactions in batteries and fuel cells. The motion and interaction of atomic and molecular species at these

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Switchable Surfaces

In this collaborative project, performed within the SFB 677 in cooperation with the group of Prof. Herges (Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAU), externally controllable nanoscale systems are designed by attaching novel photoswitchable molecules to metal surfaces.

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Metal electroplating: gaining insight into the atomic scale processes by real-time synchrotron x-ray scattering

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Liquid Interfaces

Liquid-liquid and liquid-gas interfaces play an important role in a wide variety of different scientific disciplines, from biology to chemical processing and environmental science. Such systems are found all around us, for example in biological membranes, vesicles (drug delivery), and emulsions (milk, cosmetics).

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Magnetoelectric Interfaces

Within the cross discipline SFB 855 of the University of Kiel we perform high-resolution X-ray scattering studies of interfaces and nanostructures using surface diffraction techniques and micro-/nanofocused beams at high-brilliance synchrotron radiation sources such as the ESRF and PETRA III.

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