Magnetoelectric Interfaces

Within the cross discipline SFB 855 of the University of Kiel we perform high-resolution X-ray scattering studies of interfaces and nanostructures using surface diffraction techniques and micro-/nanofocused beams at high-brilliance synchrotron radiation sources such as the ESRF and PETRA III. The central aim of the SFB is to develop novel magnetoelectric sensors, made from nano-structured composites of magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials, for biomedical imaging applications. For such sensors an excellent mechanical coupling between magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials is of key importance. In our studies we focus on clarifying the relationship between interface structure and coupling behaviour by studying the atomic scale interface structure and the lattice strain in-situ in magnetic fields by X-ray diffraction.

Contact: Dr. Bridget Murphy

Funding: DFG SFB 855,B2