Nanooptics - AG Prof. Dr. Nahid Talebi


AG Nanooptik


The aim of AG Nanooptics (AG Talebi), is the exploration of electron-light interactions at the extreme level.

On the one hand, our goal is to characterize and to coherently control the collective electronic response of materials and nanostructures. The main interest is to discover and manipulate novel forms of near-field responses in emerging two-dimensional and three-dimensional materials supporting topological and chiral magnetoelectric effects, beyond the scopes of well-known palsmonics field.
For this purpose, AG Nanooptics use mostly electron probes for spectroscopy/microscopy.

On the second hand and in an inverse approach, design of new nanosystems and metamaterials for shaping the electron beams and tailoring the electron-induced radiation is within the scopes of our team. Connecting to this goal, the main interest is to investigate the correlations between individual and coupling photonic systems via interactions with shaped electron beams.
For this, we develop and exploit time-resolved and phase-resolved spectroscopy and microscopy techniques based on scanning/transmission electron microscopes.