Design of a manipulation system for individual dust particles

The interaction of the solar wind with small interplanetary dust particles (IDPs) results in charging and surface alterations of the dust particle, but also in a change of the charge state of the interaction solar wind ions. On the Moon, the solar wind is also implanted into soil grains, as are the less energetic particles. In interstellar space, plasma-grain interactions are probably an important aspect of interstellar chemistry.

This work will prepare experimental investigations on the behaviour of individual dist particles under ion bombardement in our ion source. The first step is to develop a system that is capable of manipulating individual particles (ranging from sub-micron to a few tens of microns in size) and retaining them in the ion beam. This work requires good experimental and some engineering skills.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. R. F. Wimmer- Schweingruber
Beginning: immediately

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