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Plasmonic remote control


Plasmonics - controlling and using light in nanostructures - is currently among the hottest topics in condensed matter physics. In a recent article Natalia L. Schneider and Richard Berndt show

that nanoscale plasmons may be used to remotely excite molecules to fluoresce. The plasmons in turn are excited by an electrical current, which makes the experimental approach particularly attractive as no background light is involved.

The article has been selected for an "Editors' Suggestion" of Physical Review.

Marslandung erfolgreich - Kiel begeistert


(CAU Presseinformation 225/2012 vom 06.08.2012)

Wake up on Mars


Liveübertragung der "Curiosity"-Landung auf dem Mars

am 6. August von 6 - 8 Uhr im Max-Planck-Hörsaal, Physikzentrum der CAU.

-- Veranstaltungsprogramm --


CAU Presseinformation: 217/2012 vom 27.07.2012


Pressemeldung Welt Online: "Curiosity"-Landung duldet keinerlei Fehler

Switching of a tin-phthalocyanine: Current and Force


A poster prize has been awarded to Nadine Hauptmann at the 15th International Conference on non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy 2012 in Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic). The prize was sponsored by the company Specs for an excellent poster presentation and outstanding research topic. The conference was devoted to the latest progress in dynamical atomic force microscopy and brought together 200 scientists from all around the world. Nadine is currently working on her Ph.D. in Prof. Berndt's group. Within her Ph.D. project she investigates molecular switches using combined STM and AFM m easurements. Her topic is a key subject in the SFB 677 "Function by switching". In particular, her work focuses on the acting forces when contacting the molecules with a metal electrode.



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Phys. Rev. Lett 106(2011)
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Öffentlicher Abendvortrag - Mittwoch, 3. Sept. 2014 19 Uhr - Von der Kieler Förde zum Mars

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