The influence of the local environment in small systems, Prof. Sylvia Speller (Uni Rostock)

21.07.2015 von 17:00 bis 18:00

Einladender: Prof. Bonitz

A key in functional systems appear to be small interfaces at which physical, molecular and biologic structures are coupled on the nanoscale. Uncovering mechanisms and processes of such couplings can bring about new concepts to realize novel and improved functionalities. In my group we seek to elucidate the influence of the local environment on the respective processes, underlying energy transfer, chemical reaction, and biophysical interactions. Such studies require scanning probe microscopy based approaches, adapted for the specific system and environment of the processes under study. Nanoprobing and related methods offer imaging and manipulation down to the level of atoms and molecules, in real space. I will present two examples of how questions in life sciences and energy research can be addressed.

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