Tips for visitors

Hamburg airport to Kiel

There are shuttle buses to Kiel called Kielius  and KielExx  which take between 50 min and 1.5 h. Both leave from the same spot in front of the airport (Area B, see map on the Kielius web sites). Although the web sites of the buses are in English the schedules are in German.  If that causes trouble please ask us.
(Using a train from Hamburg Airport to Kiel is a bit complicated.)

"Kielius" is an ordinary bus that will take you to "ZOB" (central bus station of Kiel) after one (sometimes two) intermediate stop(s) in Neumünster.  You buy the ticket when getting on the bus. When buying your ticket you may ask the driver for an extra taxi ticket. If you do so, a taxi will be waiting at ZOB and take you to your final destination. In addition to being convenient such a taxi is cheaper than a taxi you call later. 

"KielExx"  is a fast & small bus.  It will take you to your final destination, typically by distributing passengers to a few taxis.

Which one you want to prefer essentially depends on your arrival time in Hamburg. KielExx should in principle be booked in advance by phone.
If you don't do it they will also take you on board if there is space available.  (Usually there is - but no warranty)


Kiel Central Station to Physics Department

From Kiel Central Station you can use different bus lines to reach the physics department. The nearest bus stop to the physics department is "Botanischer Garten", which is the terminal stop for all lines listed below (don't get off at the stop "Universität").

The busses depart from different platforms at Kiel Central Station. A platform map (german only) can be found here.

The following bus lines can be used to reach the physics department from Kiel Central Station:

   Bus Line    

50 B1   Botanischer Garten   1  
60S A2 Botanischer Garten 2  
81 D1 Botanischer Garten    

Note 1:

Line 81 is also departing from platform B1, but in the wrong direction! Take line 81 only from platform D1 (direction Botanischer Garten).

Note 2:

Line 60s is only available during the lecture periods.