Ultrafast Plasmonics

The unique properties of localized surface plasmons (LSPs) and propagating surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) permitting sub-wavelength confinement, light velocity propagation and highly localized sensing are the key features for combining broadband optics and nanoscale electronics. As a vision for potential applications plasmon-based devices could be utilized in future generation on-chip communication and signal processing. Due to these prospects broadband plasmonic excitations and their interaction with nanoscale systems have attracted considerable interest in recent years.  More...

Switching of a plasmonic lens with photochromic molecules: PEEM data (top) and simulations (bottom); data from [3];

Our research addresses fundamental properties of ultrashort plasmonic excitations on the relevant length- and time-scales. We investigate aspects such as the SPP dispersion relation in plasmonic waveguides [1], the interaction of elementary plasmonic excitations in model-type nano-optical devices [2], and the manipualtion of plasmonic excitations using molecular switches [3]. Experiments are conducted using interferometric time-resolved two-photon photoemission electron microscopy (ITR-2PPEEM), a technique that provides femtosecond-temporal and sub-100 nm spatial resolution. The movie shows ITR-2PPEEM data of a 15 fs SPP wave packet propagating at near-light velocity along a gold-vacuum interface in interaction with a dipolar LSP mode of a gold nano particle [2].

ITR-2PPEEM data of a 15fs SPP wave packet in interaction with a dipolar LSP mode;

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