The Kiel Particle Instrument in the Chandra (AXAF)-Mission

Kiel’s Particle-Instrument in the Chandra (AXAF)-Mission

Image 1: SpacecraftChandra
  • The instrument serves first of all as a monitor for the particle radiation in the proximity of the NASA satellite AXAF („Advanced Astrophysical Facility“), now called CHANDRA in honour of the physicist Chandrasekhar who won the Noble Prise in 1983 for his evolutionary theory of stars.
    The source of particle radiation is on one hand the sun with its coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and solar flares, and on the other hand the earth’s magnetosphere with its radiation belt. Current information about the radiation intensity is needed for protection measures during the use of sensitive X-ray detectors, which is the mission’s main instrument.
  • • At the same time, the data about galactic, solar and magnetosphere cosmic radiation provided regularly from the instrument can be used in the research of particle acceleration and dispersion processes, as well as for the research of the dispersion medium.
    Furthermore, a similar particle detector on board the space probe SOHO is constantly measuring the particle intensity outside the magnetosphere. This fact proves itself useful for researching the transparency of the magnetosphere for high energy solar particles


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