Hydrogen reduces current noise in a nanoscale conductor


Genuine Quantum Effects

The charge and spin transport through atomic and mesoscopic
nanostructures is subject to genuine quantum effects. For
example, electron correlations due to the Pauli principle —
becoming increasingly important for reduced dimensions — impinge
on current fluctuations. As a result, the quantum shot noise of
the electronic current through nanoscale objects can be
significantly reduced compared to the Poissonian shot noise that
occurs for uncorrelated charge carriers. Vice versa, noise
measurements may be used to characterize the spin polarization
of the current and the quantum states that are involved in
electron transport. A recent paper by the Berndt group
Berndt group in collaboration with colleagues from the
Danish Technical University and CEMES, Toulouse, explores
shot noise in a model system, where quantum motion of hydrogen
atoms is a significant factor. The article has been highlighted by an
Editors' suggestion.