November 2010


At the joined conferences 5th Symposium on Vacuum based Science and Technology (SVST) and 16. Arbeitstagung Angewandte Oberflächenanalytik (AOFA16), in Kaiserslautern, Christian Hamann was awarded a best

poster prize, which is comprised of a certificate and prize money.

Electrospray deposition in ultra-high vacuum is an appealing approach for depositing fragile or non-volatile organic substances on surfaces. Mass selectivity, obtained by a quadrupole mass spectrometer, is particularly important for those materials and enables removal of molecular fragments and solvents or other impurities. Christian is currently doing his doctorate in Prof. Berndt's goup. Within his Ph.D. project, he designed a new electrospray deposition apparatus. This instrument is adapted to a cryogenic combined scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscope system.