PhD student workshop of the DFG priority program "Ultrafast Nanooptics" held in Sehlendorf/Kiel


The priority program "Ultrafast Nanooptics" (DFG SPP 1391) is a collaborative research program funded by the German science foundation and coordinating 25 different projects of 33 research groups in physics and chemistry from all over Germany. The group of Prof. Michael Bauer (Institut für Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik) invited more than 30 PhD students, diploma students, and postdocs from these groups to meet from September 20th to September 24th in Sehlendorf at the Dr. Otto-Bagge-Kolleg of the faculty of law for the first PhD student workshop within this program. During the seminar the students were motivated to present and discuss in numerous talks and poster presentations their projects and ongoing research. A particular aspect of the meeting was to enforce the knowhow transfer and the cooperation within the priority program on the working level of the PhD


Besides the formal scientific program the participants had sufficient free time to deepen their discussions, to enjoy the Baltic sea

and to get to know each other, e. g. during the self-catering activities obligatory for a stay at this site.

'Ultrafast Nanooptics' is a new and rapidly evolving research field in physics and neighbouring disciplines. The DFG SPP 1391 focuses on processes of optically active nanoscale objects taking place on ultrashort (femtosecond) timescales. For more information about the priority program see: