Poster Prize awarded to Oguz Han Asnaz, Frank Wieben, and Thomas Wegner


During the DPG Spring Meeting for Plasma Physics (2-5 March 2015) the students Oguz Han Asnaz and Frank Wieben received two of three Poster Prizes for their poster contributions. Mr. Asnaz and Mr. Wieben both presented their Bachelor thesis, which were done in the Plasma Dynamics Group (Prof. Piel). Oguz Han Asnaz has performed experiments, which show that the 1/r-dependency predicted by the Epstein friction formula is valid for the conditions of a dusty plasma at low pressure. Frank Wieben investigated a new method for a laser tweezer which can be used to manipulate dust particles in the sheath of a plasma.The third poster Prize was awarded to Thomas Wegner, who is a PhD student in the Group of Prof. Meichsner at the University of Greifswald for his poster " Characterization of the E-H transition in inductively coupled RF oxygen discharges". All three winners are noteworthy working in projects of the SFB Transregio 24 Greifswald-Kiel.

Photo: Dr. N. Mahdizadeh (Chairman Advisory Board, most left), Prof. A. Keudel (Local Organizer) and Prof. M Bonitz (Editor of “Contributions to Plasmapysics”, Wiley-VCH, Sponsor of the prize, most right) present the poster prize to Thomas Wegner, Frank Wieben and Oguz Han Asnaz (from left to right). Copyright H. Bahre