Physics Colloquium at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Dates in summer semester 2018

Tuesdays at 16.15 in Hans-Geiger Lecture hall

Leibnizstr. 19, 24098 Kiel

17.04.2018    Plasma Germany Prof. Kersten
24.04.2018   Kalte Nicht-Gleichgewichts-Plasmen für neuartige Forschung und Anwendungen Prof. Benedikt
08.05.2018   Plasma Potential Distribution and Electron Heating in Sputtering Magnetrons Prof. Anders
15.05.2018   free - but no accommodation - Special Olympics Deutschland in Kiel  
29.05.2018   Wires, trusses and pillars produced by assembly of plasma generated nanopartices Prof. Helmersson
05.06.2018   free  
12.06.2018   ICE CUBE and the Discovery of
High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos
Prof. Halzen

Complex light fields for optical manipulation of nanoparticles and cells

Prof. Denz
26.06.2018   Particle Physics after the Higgs Discovery: Where do we go?

Prof. Mannel

03.07.2018   free  
10.07.2018   free  
17.07.2018   free  



















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