Workgroup Wimmer-Schweingruber

AG-Wimmer-Schweingruber Extraterrestrische Physik


Space science in Kiel


You will find research associates within our group involved with Cosmic Rays, Solar Wind research, Dosimetry in Air- and Spaceflight, Ion source and topics related to space research.


Wissenschaft: The Importance of Extraterrestrial Physics for other Fields






Scientific work and research focus


Fig 1: Population of particles within the heliosphere

Research topic of extraterrestrial physics is understanding of differing particle populations within the heliosphere and their resulting implications for Earth and humans. Fig. 1 schematically shows these populations, which comprise the entire energy spectrum from Solar Wind to high energetic Cosmic Rays.

We research composition, velocity, energy, and spatial orientation distributions, as well as temporal variation of these particle populations at various locations within the heliosphere. From these data we are allowed to draw conclusions over sources, accelerations and transport processes, the structure of the heliosphere, as well as over the modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays by the heliosphere and the shielding by Earth's magnetosphere.

Furthermore, the infrastructure of current instruments in space, in near-earth orbit, within the atmosphere, as well as on-ground shall be used towards understanding the impact of large particle events from the sun down to the ground.