Dezember 2010

Jan 23, 2015

At the 5th international meeting on molecular electronics, ElecMol'10, in Grenoble, France, Dr. Francesca Matino, post-doc in Professor Berndt's group, was awarded a best poster prize, sponsored by Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and Wiley. The meeting brought together more than 300 scientists, who are working on various aspects of molecular electronics, from all around the world. Francesca's work is focused on the electronic properties of self-decoupling molecules on metal surfaces. She has investigated vibronic excitations in the tunneling spectra from rigid cyclophanes. Moreover, within SFB 677 ''Function by switching'', she explores the switching capabilities of an azopyridine substituted porphyrin platform. Francesca Matino enjoys a collaboration with colleagues at other institutes: Dr. G. Schull, CNRS Strasbourg; Prof. M. Mayor, Universität Basel, Prof. R. Herges, Institut für Organische Chemie, Universität Kiel.