Noise from a Single-Atom Contact

Jan 23, 2015

At the 11th edition of TNT, Trends in Nanotechnology, in Braga, Portugal, Natalia Schneider was awarded the best poster prize, which is comprised of a certificate and prize money. Natalia is investigating ultrasmall conductors: single metal atoms sandwiched between two electrodes. Her experiments showed that electrons flowing through a single atom generate high-frequency noise, which causes the emission of visible light. This noise may be partially suppressed by tuning the resistance of the conductor. Natalia is working towards her Ph.D. in Professor Berndt's group. She performed many of the experiments together with Dr. Guillaume Schull, CNRS Strasbourg. The workshop was organized by Phantoms Foundation. It brought together 290 scientists from all around the world, who are working on various aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology.